Titanium Mahindra

Maxx Pik-UP City

  • With a turning radius of 5.5 m, the Bolero Maxx Pik-Up City manoeuvre tight corners, make U-Turns on narrow roads with ease and makes city driving a delight.
  • Get great mileage of 17.2 km/l and an amazing payload of 1500 kg to carry more load. And higher loads means more profit.
  • Bolero Maxx Pik-Up City offers maximum comfort with D+2 seating and height-adjustable driver seats to enhance comfort, and road visibility during bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • Bolero Maxx Pik-Up comes with the powerful m2Di engine with best-in-category torque of 200 Nm to give you mind-blowing performance.
  • Its automatic ‘turn safe lights’ offer better visibility at nights and its LED tail lamps ensure your safety and the safety of vehicles behind you at night.


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